A Fashionable EBoy Haircut To Keep Up With The Latest Trends

An eBoy haircut has made quite a lot of stir lately and it does not seem to lose its popularity anytime soon. In addition to offering a great number of styling opting, it is also incredibly versatile and multipurpose. It works for basically any hair type and flatters all face shapes. Feeling already intrigued? Without further ado, here is everything you should know to pull off this trendy haircut.

What Is Eboy Haircut?

Not sure what an E boy hair cut is? Simply put, this is a signature hair look of eBoys. So, it makes sense to figure out an eBoy meaning first. An eBoy, which stands for an electronic boy, is a member of a subculture popular among a young generation of gamers and tiktokers. You can mainly spot them online, particularly on social media.

EBoys often wear a hoodie with a T-shirt or a long sleeve with a van. What else makes them stand out in the crowd is their iconic haircut, also known as a curtain haircut. It incorporates long center parted hair on top that falls into sides so it looks like curtains.

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How To Wear Curtain Bangs

Back in the 90s haircut of eBoys mainly featured straight and smooth locks with a very sharp and prominent centre parting. Today, it comes in many shapes and sizes. Moreover, the parted hair is usually textured, while the parting itself is uneven for a natural look.

How To Wear Curtain Bangs #eboy #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #eboyhairstyles

What To Ask For

When asking your barber for a curtains hairstyle, you should consider the type of your hair as well as the shape of your head. Long curtain bangs work best for waves and curls, whereas straight haired guys will benefit from a curtain hair cut that ends at the cheek level and frames the face.

How To Style It

Now that you know what this haircut is, here is how to style curtains bangs using different approaches.

Approach 1:With A Hair Gel.

This is arguably the fastest and the easiest way to style curtained hair. Simply, apply a sparing amount of gel to your hair with your hands and push it back for a wet looking finish.

Approach 2:With A Hair Mousse.

Hair mousse is a go to hairstyling product for curly haired guys who want to nail curtains hair style. It allows you to accentuate your hair texture and keep the locks tamed. Besides, the application is pretty easy. Press out a generous amount of mousse into your palms, spread all over your hands and run your fingers through your wet locks. Follow up with a hair dryer to give your curls a bounce.

Approach 3:With A Round Hair Brush

If you want to get a classic curtain cut, then you will need to equip yourself with a blow dryer and a round hair brush. The ends of your middle parts hair style should be flipped outside using these tools.

Approach 4:With A Hair Straightener.

A hair straightener is another tool that will help you to achieve a curtain hairstyle. However, remember to apply a heat protectant beforehand.

Approach 5: With A Hair Pomade.

Grunge hairstyles often have a relaxed and effortless vibe and an eBoy haircut is no exception. So, to achieve the look, you will need to dishevel your hair using a dime sized amount of hair pomade. So that the texture of your middle parting haircut is accentuated, scrunch random strands with your hands afterward.

Eboy Hairstyles

Not to leave you without a dose of inspiration, we have put together the trendiest ideas for curtain bangs 2021 below.

E Boy Haircut With Undercut

Although middle part hair is already quite defined and edgy, you can still accentuate your top by complementing it with an undercut.

E Boy Haircut With Undercut #eboy #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #eboyhairstyles

Brown & Layered Eboy Haircut

Layering makes a world of difference to the center part hair. So does a brown hair color. Together, they create a very bold and attractive hair look.

Brown & Layered Eboy Haircut #eboy #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #eboyhairstyles

Wavy Hair Middle Part

Wearing a middle part men with curly and wavy locks are guaranteed to be in the spotlight wherever they go. Their natural hair texture takes a center parting hair style to a whole new level of boldness.

Wavy Hair Middle Part #eboy #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #eboyhairstyles

Straight & Clean Eboy Haircut

Not a big fan of intricate and elaborate hairstyles? Then this clean straight hair look with a hair parting in the middle is your way to go.

Straight & Clean Eboy Haircut #eboy #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #eboyhairstyles

Black & Straight Asian Middle Part

It seems that middle part hairstyles are made for Asian hair. Because it is thick and dense, when you wear Asian hair parted down the middle, it looks ample and luxuriant.

Asian Middle Part #eboy #eboyhaircut #eboyhair #eboyhairstyles

With an eBoy haircut, you are sure to be always in the spotlight wherever you go. Not only does it look stylish and trendy, but is also statemental and impactful. So, make sure to arm yourself with a special attitude and our guide, of course.