Inspiring Two Block Haircut Looks For Those In Need Of A Change

As the K-Pop culture is getting widely spread, it brings fresh trends to modern fashion, and male hair fashion is not the exception. The notion of a two block haircut is bothering the minds of many. So, today you will have all the questions answered along with some examples provided.

What Is The Two Block Haircut?

To describe it simply, a two-block cut is a well-known undercut with a few upgrades added in the process. While the top is left longer, the sides and back are closely trimmed or shaved, depending upon their preferences. The longer top allows it to experiment with various styling options, which is highly practical and appreciated by fashionable gents.

What Is The Two Block Haircut? #twoblockhaircut #kpophaircut #asianhairstyles

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut?

Sometimes it is challenging to tell the difference between two block haircut vs an undercut. However, if you do not have a quality picture of the cut you are looking for, there is another way to tell the barber. All you need is to mention the ‘mushroom cut,’ and a professional will know what to do. Or, you can also mention the fade from the 80s’, which is basically a classy two-block as we know it.

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut? #twoblockhaircut #kpophaircut #asianhairstyles

How Do You Grow A Two Block Haircut?

One of the impeccable and pleasant peculiarities of Kpop hairstyles is the fact that they are seamless to grow. As long as your sides and the back are well-cut, the top can get down to your ears with a mid-part, while the bangs can reach down to your eyebrows and even a little longer. This means that regular top trims are no longer under the question.

How Do You Grow A Two Block Haircut? #twoblockhaircut #kpophaircut #asianhairstyles

How To Style It

Since a Korean two block haircut can vary in lengths, the ways to style it differ too. You can wear it straight, part it in the middle or on the sides, or ever slick it back. One thing remains – as long as you are willing to blow-dry the hair lightly and work some product in, you will manage the styling no worse4 than a dedicated pro.

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Popular 2 Block Haircuts To Try

Now when you know how fancy and popular a 2 block haircut is, it is time to discover the most fashionable offers available. No matter your style or personal preferences, the chances are that you will find your inspiration here!

Two Block Haircut With Side Part

Kpop hair is indeed universal and great-looking. What’s more, if you are interested in a hairstyle to enhance your business-like appeal, a two-block can be sophisticated enough to fit the description. All it takes is a two-block cut with a side part to succeed with the task.

Two Block Haircut With Side Part #twoblockhaircut #kpophaircut #asianhairstyles

Two Block With Undercut

Maintaining the balance between style and comfort is easy. It takes as much as a two-block haircut with an undercut to it. No matter the texture or length of the crown, the undercut will create an even and noticeable transition affecting the general mesmerizing outlook.

Two Block With Undercut #twoblockhaircut #kpophaircut #asianhairstyles

Brown Two Block Haircut

How to ask for a two block haircut that will make you stand out from the crowd in an instant? Dyeing the top is one of the easiest ways to achieve the goal. If popular neon colors are not your cup of tea, then a gorgeous brown is an option to consider.

Brown Two Block Haircut #twoblockhaircut #kpophaircut #asianhairstyles

Medium Two Block Haircut + Layers

Many Asian hairstyles are of medium length, and it seems that a two-block with layers has been designed due to the demand. The more layers – the better. A layered cut is always more customizable, not to mention the fact that it is unique and can emphasize your personality better.

Medium Two Block Haircut + Layers #twoblockhaircut #kpophaircut #asianhairstyles

Middle-Parted 2 Block

If you are a classy lad with a taste for trendy haircuts, then a middle-parted two-block is the option to add to your to-get list. It is simple and elegant. Yet, the charm it resonates with can’t be easily dismissed.

Middle-Parted 2 Block #twoblockhaircut #kpophaircut #asianhairstyles

Asymmetrical And Voluminous

No matter the popularity of Korean hairstyles, you should not dismiss your hair texture when opting for one. Men with wavy locks will look best with a voluminous asymmetrical two-block. One look at the presented image, and you will think the same!

Asymmetrical And Voluminous #twoblockhaircut #kpophaircut #asianhairstyles