Utterly Mesmerizing Liberty Spikes to Show Your Rebellious Attitude Off

When you hear about liberty spikes, the first thing you think about is punks and related elements of the rebellious subculture. However, there is much more to the notion than there is lying on the surface. It’s time you learn more, and who knows – maybe you will like the look to the point of trying it out yourself!

What Are Liberty Spikes?

Liberty spikes haircut has got its name due to the spikes’ similarity that the Statue of Liberty features. Isolated spikes made of your hair are the main components of the look. It takes longer hair and a bit of effort to achieve the look, but in the long run, it is always worth it.
There are various types of spike arrangements too. Some may wear them as a mohawk, others prefer a crown-like spike arrangement, while others randomly create those all over the head.

What Are Liberty Spikes? #libertyspikes #spikes #spikyhair

How To Style Your Hair In Liberty Spikes

Whenever you see a great-looking spiked hair, it may seem that it takes a lot of time and skill to end up with such a mesmerizing effect. However, the style is simple at its core. As long as you have longer hair, a bit of time at hand, a strong-hold hairspray, a blow-dryer, and a rebellious attitude, you will inevitably end up with a masterpiece. Here are the steps to take:

  • Find the look you wish to replicate
  • Section your hair accordingly
  • Secure each section with a hair tie
  • Apply the strong hold hair spray on
  • Blow-dry each spike as you proceed
  • Repeat until you are done with all the spikes
  • Done

How To Style Your Hair In Liberty Spikes #libertyspikes #spikes #spikyhair

Liberty Spikes Hairstyles To Copy

Now, when you know about what the spikes stand for and how easily spiky hair is to achieve. It is time to embrace the best looks there are and implement them into your lifestyle.

Undercut Red Hair

Punk hairstyles are designed to stand out and attract attention. When the hairstyle itself is not enough, it is time to add some color in. what can be more radical than red? Only der spikes matched with bold undercut!

Undercut Red Hair #libertyspikes #spikes #spikyhair

Dark Liberty Spikes

When you are willing to try long spiky hair out and add a pinch of darkness to it, then this is the style to opt for. While the idea behind it is innocent, the intentions may be sinister. Watch out not to give in to the deepest and darkest of your thoughts with the hair like!

Dark Liberty Spikes #libertyspikes #spikes #spikyhair

Spiked Mohawk

The best way to give two birds with one stone is to try a liberty spikes mohawk out. The mixture of two edgy styles will grant the double daring effect. However, if you are not willing to stop there – neon green hair dye will triple the powerful effect!

Spiked Mohawk #libertyspikes #spikes #spikyhair

Bright Pink

Liberty spike mohawk can look cute on men too. All it takes is a fair share of bright pink hair dye added to the scene. Would you dare to hit the streets with hair like this?

Bright Pink #libertyspikes #spikes #spikyhair

Green Ombre

Even the most brutal men are willing to look ultra-stylish. If you belong to the category, then hair spikes with green ombre are the next in line to give a try to!

Green Ombre #libertyspikes #spikes #spikyhair