What to Consider When Buying Men’s Jeans

Picking out a pair of jeans that actually fit you isn’t as easy as picking out the first pair you see with a waist size you once remember having, especially if it has been awhile since you bought your last pair.  Even if you bought a pair of pants last week, you will still need to measure your waist to make sure you get the right size jeans for yourself.

Sizing Up Jeans

Just because the label on the jeans size it is a 34 doesn’t mean you have a 34″ inch waist.  The sizes on clothing is sometimes lower in number so you will think you wear a size smaller than you actually do.  It’s called vanity sizing because it appeals to your sense of vanity or your ego.

Sizes on different jean brands can be different as well because they are made by other factories, usually in other countries.  A 34 jean may really be a 32 in another brand’s sizing chart or a 36 for another brand.  It is important you try on any jeans you wish to buy in ensure a proper fit.

What is Your Favourite Style

Jeans come in a variety of styles and you will want to pay attention to the bottom of the jean to tell which style it is.  You can buy tapered jeans, boot-cut or straight legged jeans.

  • Straight legged – As the name implies, these jeans have a straight leg that doesn’t vary from the top of your jean to the bottom.  Most men prefer straight leg jeans and they go with many styles of shoes.  You can wear sneakers, loafers or even work boots with this style of jeans.
  • Tapered – The leg at the bottom of a tapered pair of jeans gets smaller.  These are also referred to skinny jeans.  Not many men pass the age of 30 can pull off a skinny jean, so if you are older than 30, don’t even bother trying.
  • Boot-Cut – These jeans flare a bit at the bottom of the leg and are designed to fit over a pair of boots, especially boots with a wider top.  If you wear boots, especially cowboy style boots, you will probably want to wear a boot-cut jean because a straight leg jean doesn’t accommodate these types of boots very well.

Jeans for the Occasion

Select the type of jeans you want for the place you intend on wearing them.  If you are just hanging out with friends or want a comfortable pair of jeans to wear to the park for a date, a pair of acid or stone-wash jeans is just fine for those purposes.

However, if you are looking for jeans to wear to a nightclub or dress down day at work, spend the money on a designer jean or darker denim.  They will look dressier than your standard jeans and you can wear a shirt that is a little more refined than a polo shirt or a tee-shirt would be.