Top 10 Great First Date Ideas: Dogs, Dessert and Drama

That first date is crucial to making a great impression on your date and seeing her again. Here are some great first date ideas that will remain in her mind long after they’ve ended.

1. Take a Class

On a first date you want to get a chance to talk and learn more about each other, but you also want to relax. Doing a fun activity together, such as taking a cooking or dancing class, helps you to achieve both.

2. The Theatre

It’s an upgrade from the regular first date movie, plus you give her a chance to dress up, which she’ll love. Going to the theatre also enables intelligent conversation and makes you appear classy.

3. Sing Karaoke

This is a fun idea for a first date because it’s uber-relaxed and especially good for group dates. Karaoke helps you suss out your date by discovering how easy-going, spontaneous or self-conscious she is.

4. Ice Skating

There’s something nostalgic about ice skating as it brings to mind memories of being a teenager. This is a fun way to spend an afternoon with a pretty girl because you’ll both be off your guard as you topple over and share some laughs.

5. A Meal Under the Stars

Forget going to a restaurant where you stare at each other over candlelight. This sometimes feels a little too intimate for a first date. Rather enjoy a snack on the go while you check out some fun spots in the city or organise a picnic in the park.

6. Enjoy a Breakfast or Coffee Before Work

Sometimes it’s not always easy to find time in your busy work schedule and then to synchronise your free evenings with your date. Breakfast before work is a way around this and a great start to the day. Best of all, if the date doesn’t go well there’s a time limit on it.

7. Comedy Club

What’s better than sharing a laugh without your own jokes falling flat? Check out some cool comedy gigs at your local club. Laughter is said to release oxytocin, known as the ‘cuddle hormone.’ It’s the hormone that makes you and your partner feel bonded.

8. Volunteer

Go do something for those in need. This is a great way for you and your date to feel good on your first date and she’ll also see you as someone who has his heart in the right place. According to a Canadian study published by the British Journal of Psychology, women are attracted to men who are generous.

9. Walk Your Dogs

If you both have dogs and you’re animal lovers of note, why not walk your dogs together? It’s a casual way to get to know each other and the dogs give you something to talk about should chatter become stilted. Who knows? Fido might make a new friend, too.

10.  Skip the Meal, Have Dessert

Sometimes it’s fun to be whimsical during a traditional date. Why not decide to enjoy dessert instead of having a meal? This is a fun way to enjoy delicious treats together. Feed each other a few bites for a flirty spin on that decadent tiramisu.