Still Gorgeous: 8 Amazing Short Hairstyles for Women over 50

With time we start ageing and not only our skin starts changing, but also hair structure. Woman’s hair becomes thinner at age 50, and that is why any 50-year-old woman is trying to find the best haircut that will suit her appearance and match the shape of the face and skin texture. But 50 shouldn’t mean old! No, not yet. You’ve got a whole new life ahead that you should enjoy. It’s the age when you stop worrying about your children and even grandkids (because now they are their parents’ responsibility). You start looking for new hairstyles for women over 50 which will emphasize your beauty and even hide that gray hair of yours.

hairstyles for 50-year-old woman

That’s where short hairstyles for women over 50 step in, because, you know, short hair is easier to take care of and it makes you look young and fresh. That’s why we recommend you check out this list of most suitable short haircuts for older women.

short hairstyles for older women

A-List of Perfect Short Hairstyles for Women over 50


#1. Short Curls with Fluffy Effect

Delicate blond curls combed backwards to create an elegant and romantic look. If you still doubt whether you can look feminine and beautiful over 50, hairstyles with gentle curls prove to be simple but gorgeous.

short hairstyles for women-over-50

#2. Sleek-Sided Pixie

Short haircuts for women over 50 look not only neat but also quite refreshing. A fashionable touch is added with the help of light roughness on the top of the hair.

Sleek Sided Pixie

#3. Sassy Pixie

The first celebrity that comes to the mind when picturing a sassy pixie hairstyle is Sharon Stone. Her hair is the perfect example of what bold spikes on the top of hair look like. Sassy pixie is one of those hairstyles for women over 50 that bring charm to women with oval faces and regular features.

short haircuts for women over 50

#4. Super Short Pixie

This one may not refer to short hairstyles for older women, but it’s not that true. Pixie cuts emphasize the oval face shape and are very flattering hairstyles for ladies over 50.

Sassy Pixie

#5. Ruffled Pixie

We have already come to the decision that pixie short hairstyle for 50-year-old woman is the thing that makes her even more beautiful and young.

Short Curls with Fluffy Effect

#6. Nice Shag

Shags are mistakenly considered to be a youthful hairstyle; however, for women over 50 shag hairstyles look modern, when wearing them with softly jagged edges.


#7. Classy Short Haircut

Long tresses and bangs blend together with tapered sides in a harmonious way. But before leaving your home every day, don’t forget to add volume with your favourite styling products.


#8. This Famous Bob

Women over 50 will definitely prefer a slightly angled bob hairstyle that looks sharp but still romantic. This haircut suits ambitious women who want to live any day to its fullest.

hairstyles for over 50

Recommendations on Choosing Hairstyle


So do you really think you have to stick to those rules of choosing hairstyles according to your age and image when you’re 50? Even if you haven’t found anything that you’d like to wear, that’s not a problem. If you are a woman over 50, hairstyles mentioned above will create a unique image. To look elegant and beautiful you can comb your hair back and open your face. If you want to shed off several years, go for light hair hues, or let your gray hair be the core of your wisdom. If you decided to have bangs, we say it’s a good choice. However, you should spend a heck of a time to keep it neat and style it.


Besides that, when deciding on a particular short haircut for women over 50, take into account your hair structure and face shape, because these are the most important things to keep in mind. So be wise and select the best hairstyles for 50-year-old woman from the abovementioned range.