Haircuts and Face Shapes

The basic goal of any haircut is to flatter the face, and faces come in many shapes: Round, square, triangular, inverted triangle, diamond, heart-shaped, and of course the ideal shape, the oval. Your haircut should help you to create the illusion of an oval face. Here are some suggestions for creating this illusion with various face shapes:


The round face shapes are as wide as it is long and usually has soft rounded features. A hairstyle that adds height at the top of the head and lays close on the sides will create the look of a longer, more ideally-shaped face.

The square face usually is marked by the strong jaw and forehead lines and needs to be balanced with curved lines in the hairstyle. A rounded line in the bangs or fringe area and sweeping curves on the sides which frame the jaw will soften the “corners” of the square face. The length of the style can be adjusted to balance more “rectangular” faces to produce the same effect.

Triangle & Inverted Triangle:
These faces are denoted as having wide jawlines and narrower foreheads (in the case of the triangle), or wider foreheads with narrow jawlines (for the inverted triangle). In the triangular face, you want a hairstyle that adds volume to the forehead area and tapers toward the jaw. For the inverted triangle, a style that lies close to the head at the forehead (usually with bangs to minimize the forehead) and builds in volume as it reaches the jawline will create the appearance of a more oval face.

The diamond face is angular, with wide cheekbones and narrow forehead and jawline. By creating a style that has volume at the top of the head and at the jawline, but lies close to the sides of the face, you minimize the prominence of the cheeks and soften the angularity of the overall appearance.

A heart-shaped face is close to the ideal, but usually has a wider forehead with strong cheekbones and a narrow jaw line. Softer styles with low volume at the forehead which lie close to the face at the sides and build in volume as they reach the jawline will create the illusion of an oval and the ideal face shape.

The oval face shapes are considered the ideal because it is flattered by virtually any hairstyle.

Hairstyles and Face shape