Flat Top Haircut And The Most Modern Ways To Wear It

A flat top haircut is often underestimated. A lot of men shy away from it, considering the look boring or strict. Yet, this is far from the truth. With the wide variety of styles this haircut offers, you can easily make the most of your locks. If you want to explore the iconic hairstyle in depth, check out the guide we prepared for you.

What Is A Flat Top Haircut?

A flat top refers to all mens haircuts the top surface of which is straight, or flat in other words. This applies to such styles as a crew cut, a high top haircut fade, and anything in between. A flattop haircut features short sides and back, so it makes your head visually more elongated and narrow.

What Is A Flat Top Haircut?
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How To Cut The Flat Top Haircut

If your barber is pretty much experienced, they will be familiar with the flat top haircut. So, you just simply need to tell them what you want. However, you need to make sure to have blunt hair on top, which can be a bit tricky to achieve if you have wavy or curly locks. So, here is how you cut flat tops:

  • Attach a guard size from #1 to #4 to the clippers and trim the hair on the back and sides. Get them faded if you want a contemporary and stylish look.
  • Brush up the hair on your top.
  • Run the clippers over your head through the top, holding them parallel to the ground.
  • In case the surface is not even or flat, fix it with the clippers.
  • Clean the neck line and add a line up for more contrast.

How To Style The Flat Top

Styling a flat top hairstyle is not particularly difficult when you have the right products. Once you have stocked up on a trusty hair pomade, wax, oil or grease, depending on what your hair needs, take the next steps:

  1. Wash your hair and dry it with a towel.
  2. Apply a tad of the hair styling product of your choice to your locks and push them upward.
  3. With a hair brush or comb, style the flat top hair upward. Employ a blow dryer if an added hold is needed.
  4. Finish off with a tiny amount of a product with a strong hold for a perfectly outlined silhouette.

Flat Top Haircut Examples

As we mentioned earlier, there is a lot of ways to pull off a flattop cut. To give you some idea of what you can do with your mane, here are the most popular mens flat top haircuts.

Rounded Flat Top Haircut

Even though originally the hair on top should be level, there are many modern flat top haircuts that go against this rule. To give your hair look a softer finish, you can make its edges a bit rounded.

Rounded Flat Top Haircut

Texturized Flattop

Many, if not all, mens hairstyles benefit greatly from a textured cut and a flat top is no exception. Getting a texturized haircut on top will give it more definition and volume. This is why it is a great option for guys with thin hair.

Texturized Flattop

High-Top Cut

Flattop can be combined with other popular hairstyles for men, like a high top and a fade, which results in a high top fade haircut. Even though it seems rather overloaded when you think of it, in reality, it is very balanced and consistent.

High-Top Cut

Classic Military Cut

If you prefer simple yet impactful hair looks, then you can never go wrong with a military cut. While it does not require much maintenance or styling, a military flat top haircut is bound to make heads turn.

Classic Military Flat Cut


A flat top fade is a modern take on a classic look. As it incorporates less hair on the sides, it comes out cleaner and fresher. Thus, it works perfectly for any hair texture and length on top.

Faded Flat Top

With a flat top haircut, you will easily stand out in the crowd. This defined and edgy hair look guarantees that you will never go unnoticed wherever you go. Hopefully, we have given you enough inspo for your future haircut.