Top Korean Hairstyles Ideas For Men That You Should Try On

The popularity of Korean hairstyles has skyrocketed lately. And there is a good reason behind this. They are trendy, stylish and unbelievably versatile. So, almost everyone will be able to find a perfect match for them. If you are looking for a dose of inspiration to recreate a Korean hairstyle, you have come to the right place. In the following collection, we have included the most popular options for every taste.

Medium Korean Hairstyle

Korean medium hairstyles are a perfect option for those who cannot decide between a short cut and long locks. It is suitable for any ambiance and can be styled in many different ways. Make sure the hair on the sides is cut noticeably shorter than that on the top of your head to create a contrasty look.

Medium Korean Hairstyle

Bowl Cut Korean Haircuts

When opting for a bowl Korean haircut men often add texture to the top. It brings definition and structure to the look and removes the bulk from the hair.

Bowl Cut

Korean Undercut

Korean hair is naturally thick and dense. So, you are free to remove some weight from it by complementing your Korean haircut with an undercut. In addition to a bold and edgy appearance, it also visually elongates your face shape. So, guys with round faces will especially benefit from it.

Korean Undercut

Chin Length Korean Haircut

A chin length Korean hair style has a myriad of advantages. Not only does it allow you to show off your hair texture but it also frames your face, thus accentuating its features.

Chin Length Korean Haircut

Long Bang Korean Hairstyles

Korean bangs look nothing short of amazing. They add a finishing touch to your haircut and keep the focus on your eyes. Besides, Korean men style their bangs in a myriad of different options, from side swept to pushed up.

Long Bang

Two Block Korean Hair Men

A two block is a signature Korean hairstyle. While it is pretty easy to achieve, the impact it gives cannot be overlooked.

Two Block Haircut

Long Korean Hairstyles

While long Korean hair styles are not as common as short ones, it does not make them any less attractive. Instead, if you have enough patience to grow your hair long, you can rest assured that your stately Korean male hairstyle will never go unnoticed.

Long Korean Hairstyles

Ponytail With Undercut Korean Men Haircut

A ponytail is among the most popular Korean hairstyles. As it takes your tresses away from your face, it instantly makes your facial features stand out. For an added emphasis, get the back and sides undercut.

Ponytail With Undercut

Crew Cut Korean Haircuts

There are quite a few Korean short haircuts that can be considered iconic and a crew cut is definitely one of them. So, you can never go wrong with this low maintenance and bold Korea hair cut.

Crew Cut

Side Part Korean Hairstyles

Thanks to the texture of the hair Korean male hairstyles come out elegant and neat by default. However, you can still create an even more polished look by going for a side part Korean hair style.

Side Part

Korean hairstyles are a great source of inspiration for men with any hair texture. From simple and modest to sharp and edgy, they come in many shapes and forms. Do not be afraid to experiment with your look and pick out the style that expresses your personality best.