Great blue hole in Belize. Picture: Thomas Bodhi Wade/Aquatica Submarines
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Richard Branson, researchers make creepy discovery in Terrific Blue Gap

Aerial Perspective to the renowned diving web page and pure phenomenon the Blue Gap in the Lighthouse Reef, East of the Turneffe Atoll in Caribbean Sea, Belize. Photo: iStockSupply:istock Belize — the land of the notorious Terrific Blue Gap, Caribbean beach locations and a abundant tapestry of cultures. But what lies inside the renowned darkish […]

They could unlock secrets of an Indian hunter-gatherer civilisation from 10,000 years ago. Picture: BBC Marathi
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Mysterious carvings could expose dropped civilisation

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have unearthed 1000’s of rock carvings that could be joined to an Indian hunter-gatherer civilisation from 10,000 a long time back. The remarkable visuals had been identified concealed beneath the soil on hills in the Konkan location of Maharashtra, India, The Sun noted. Specialists imagine the carvings, recognized as petroglyphs, had been made by […]

Major changes are head for the Balkan nation of Macedonia.
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Macedonia as we know it may possibly not be all around for considerably lengthier

IF YOU experienced this state on your vacation bucket checklist, you could require to bounce in and improve it. The country recognised as Macedonia could quickly be referred to as some thing else, following a historic arrangement with neighbouring Greece to finish a a long time-very long dispute. Macedonia’s parliament has voted to amend the […]